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Food substitution

Notes #1 

Some items in the calculator will NOT be measured in weigh.  Below is a list of the food that 1g will equal 1 item:

1. Eggs

2. Bread

3. Wraps

4. Veggie burgers, dogs, etc. 

Notes #2

​Sustituting from a weighed food of 85g (rice, etc) for a food that is NOT weighed(bread, wraps, etc.) and equals 1g, make sure to do so proplerly. Below are some examples. 
1. Subbing 100g or rice for low-carb wrap. 
    a. 100g or rice = 1.39g wrap
    b. That means you get 1 wrap and .39 of another(or almost half)

2. Subbing 1 wrap for brown rice

    a. 1 wrap= 72.07 of rice

    b. so, that would be 72g of rice. 
3. remember, you do NOT round partial grams when subbing a weighed food(rice, pasta, meats, etc) for items that are not weighed(eggs, bread, wraps, etc.  


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