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Lewis listened carefully to my goals and has crafted every session to help me attain those goals. He pushes me to the next level in ways that I could never do by myself. No two sessions are the same, a stark contrast to years gone by when I would try to exercise on my own. I know hes monitoring my progress and capabilities every step of the way, which has prevented me from going too far and hurting myself, or giving up too soon and not getting results. I started feeling the benefits immediately. After 4 months, I can feel and see a material difference in my overall health and fitness level.

-Beth R.


 I am 47 and never worked out. After 4 sessions with Lewis I knew I wanted him as my personal trainer. He has done so much for me more then could have ever imagined. I have medical issues to stop me from losing weight rapidly. However, Lewis was there with me every step of the way. I have lost 30 pounds and will lose a lot more.
-Elayne M​​​


Lewis is a professional trainer. He puts his clients wants, needs and goals first. Lewis is also passionate about making sure his clients achieved their goals. Lewiss knowledge about working out, nutrition and self-confidence definitely makes him a trainer that one could not go wrong with. I came to Lewis not wanting to lose massive amounts of pounds but wanting to get the body that I never had before, and within 5 months I had it.
-Laura D​​​


After trying to lose weight on my own by eating right and going to the gym ( with no results) for 6 months, I decided to get a trainer.  6 weeks later, 3 1/2 inches from my waist and down 1 dress size. This far exceeded my expectations, I love the way I look and cant wait to see what I look like once I've reached my goal.
-Elizabeth A​




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